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KET Friends Board

Welcome to KET TeleFund 2023!

We are volunteering for KET and supporting KET's mission to provide the best public media has to offer to 7.3 million viewers in Kentucky and surrounding states.

A few days each year, KET’s community sponsors and volunteers participate in on-air membership drives, raising funds to purchase and produce the programs you enjoy year-round.

KET is proud to bring you the best in informative, engaging, and entertaining broadcast programs, but they need your help.

Gifts of all sizes help to keep your favorite programs on the air. 

Maybe you’ve gained a better understanding of the world around us from Kentucky Life, Nature, or NOVA, or you've been inspired by Great Performances and Austin City Limits. Has the drama of Masterpiece, surprises on Antiques Roadshow or discoveries on Finding your Roots kept you glued to your television? Perhaps you stay informed with the most-trusted news from PBS NewsHour and Kentucky Tonight.

Together, we can make these programs possible.

Thank you!

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